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Within the online personal finance community, there are numerous organizations designed to support and encourage other members. One such organization is called the Yakezie Network. It offers something called the Yakezie Challenge; a 6 month trial to see if you’re capable of blogging it out. I started my challenge a little over six months ago [...]

As a 27 year-old, college graduate living in the United States, I have my fair share of student loans. The grand total, when combined with my fiancée’s, is $115,000. To our household, that is a terrifying number. It should be. Debt is no joke. Despite all this, we’ve managed to pull together a tax efficient [...]

Another quarter is over for the Distilled Dollar household! The site has come a LONG way since it officially launched on March 14th of this year. Thank you to everyone who visits Distilled Dollar. Seriously, THANK YOU!!! :) This quarter the blog saw features on a lot of great sites, including The Huffington Post. I’m [...]

Today's post comes from Mari as she writes on the topic of investing. I like this post since it offers a few options I'm not 100% familiar with, such as real estate investing. Anyway, share your comments below after reading and we can see which methods have worked for others in the past. Mari writes for Loansolutions [...]

Another quarter and another net worth update! Needless to say, 2016 has been the best year of our lives, financially and ...well, everything else! I'll break everything down below in my Net Worth Q3 2016 update. Q3 saw some BIG purchases, including an engagement ring, engagement party, engagement trip, etc., etc. Long story short, engagements [...]

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