January 2016

Personal Finance, for all the subcategories and complexity, boils down to: “Increase your savings rate”. The standard advice is to save 10% of our income. Most Americans struggle to meet this recommendation. In today’s high consumerist world, I’m convinced everyone has the ability to not only maintain a minimum of 10%, but also increase the amount [...]

This may be the shortest article I’ve ever written because investing your money intelligently is remarkably easy. If you find yourself in thriving circumstances — having handled your debt and with expendable income each month — then you’re probably wondering, “Where should I invest my money and How?” If you’re only now starting to entertain [...]

Each December I spend a full morning writing down my financial goals for the following year. For the past four years, I have taken the time to do this in order to better understand my spending habits. This is the second year now that I get to complete this process with my amazing girlfriend where [...]

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