March 2016

As the year goes by, I can’t help but imagine the day our retirement accounts will be maxed out. Between my lovely girlfriend and myself, I expect we are still at least a year away from contributing the max to both our IRA’s and 401(k)’s. To the detriment of making this goal happen anytime soon, [...]

At the core of personal finance, is a search for freedom, independence, and all those kickass feelings of security for ourselves and those we love. Becoming financially free allows an unfiltered expression of what we will bring to this world. When we no longer need to work for money, our freedom of expression becomes uninhibited. [...]

Student loan debt in America grows by $2,726 every second.* Luckily for some, companies are beginning to embrace programs to help recent grads pay down their debt. One such platform offered to employers was created by Student Loan Genius.** The program can match an employee’s student loan payments by contributing to their 401(k). I wish [...]