May 2016

Similar to other millennials, I feel a sense of invincibility when it comes to my health. My rational brain knows that this mentality is ill-advised (pun intended), so I’m trying to do as much as I can to keep my health great for as long as possible. After all, what’s the point of early retirement [...]

Today's post is the story of the worst purchasing mistake I’ve ever made. To be honest, I don’t know if I learned a lesson that I already didn’t know. I hope, at the very least, the story of me and this dress shirt provides some additional insight for you. To help put things in perspective, I [...]

When I walk through the four phases of financial independence, I can’t help but want to run. Time and again I have to re-learn there are no short cuts. If you want a quick path to wealth through winning the lottery or having a rich relation leave you a fortune, you’re likely going to end [...]

Today's post comes from Trisha at She writes about the all too important topic of scammers and how they do what they do. Check her out on Twitter @thatdangvegan. Although scamming has undoubtedly been around for hundreds of years, the internet has provided a substantial aid in the effectiveness of fraudulent activity. People around the world [...]

Today's guest post is written by Preston from His site is focused on dumping debt and building wealth while stumbling towards financial independence by age 35. Follow him on Twitter. I hope you enjoy reading this guest post as much as I did: “I am not impressed with what people own. But I’m impressed with what they achieve. I’m [...]