June 2016

Today’s post comes from JW at TheGreenSwan.org. If you’re unfamiliar with JW’s story then I’ll recommend checking out his great site or following him on Twitter @TheGreenSwan1. In short, The Green Swan is a metaphor coined to describe a deliberate approach to managing and investing money with a major effect: wealth accumulation, financial independence and early [...]

Today’s post comes at you from a completely different direction. I’m not sure where it came from, but I felt inspired to put together my thoughts on walking, biking, and driving. I have nothing against cars, but I have designed my lifestyle now to live in a place where I don’t need a car. This [...]

When it comes to my spending, I’ve resorted to reviewing everything in detail once a quarter. During the quarter, my customized version of a budget is put into motion. This quarter, I resolved to find ways to reduce the amount of money I spend on food. After some high level changes and a few smaller [...]

Today's post on the real costs of poor planning comes from Mr. Apathy Ends. When you get a chance, check out the great articles he is writing on his blog or follow him on Twitter @Apathy_Ends. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ―Benjamin Franklin Last month, we were having a few consistent quality [...]

Today’s article deviates from the personal finance topics I typically write about. If you’re interested in seeing more specific information to personal finance, feel free to check out my first interview on a podcast from this week by clicking here for the blog post or here for the iTunes download. Or, check out my brand [...]

Today’s post is my first official book review. A friend of mine, JW, reached out and asked if I wouldn’t mind checking out his upcoming book. For those who don’t know JW, he runs an excellent blog called The Green Swan where he describes a deliberate approach to managing and investing money with a major [...]