July 2016

According to a recent survey of 1,001 students with student loans, 38% said they were unfamiliar with refinancing student loans. Given the opportunities out there that can help us build wealth, that is shockingly high. Not surprisingly, for those who did choose to refinance (about 30%), it appears a lower interest rate was the highest [...]

After lurking on many personal finance blogs for years, David launched FinanceSuperhero.com in March 2016. He is on a mission to “Restore Order to the World of Finance." He would be honored if you would check out his blog, follow FinanceSuperhero on Twitter, and “Like” the FinanceSuperhero Facebook page. Note: Special thanks to Matt for allowing me to share [...]

Today's article comes from the lovely Mrs. Distilled Dollar. She gives details (and spreadsheets!) as to how we use FREE services from Amazon to reduce our annual spend by over $1,000. Saving with Amazon is good. Avoiding impulse shopping is great. The best part is we're saving TIME by not needing to drive, walk, or bike to pick up these goods. Without [...]

During the recent Brexit meltdown, I kept my approach of “Keep Calm and Carry On”, with my index fund investing (minus my 5% “play” fund of individual stocks). Compare my approach with that of a close friend of mine who quickly moved his portfolio from equities to cash because, “this SHIP is going DOWN!” When [...]

Today's guest post comes from Kate, a tax lawyer. Since entering the workforce, Kate has been enjoying a six digit increase in her net worth every year from aggressive saving, sensible investment strategy and efficient tax planning. In her free time, Kate shares tax saving and money tips on her blog Tax Optimized Investment to help [...]

Check out my latest guest post today on The Silver Lining to Student Loan Debt. As long time readers are aware, my girlfriend and I have had our share of struggles when it comes to student loan debt. We believe all those stats that tell us money is the number one cause of divorce, because we've seen the [...]