7 Paths to Becoming a Millionaire | Frugality

November 2016

Occasionally, I come across something so profound that it is hard to argue against. Sometimes the truth stares us in the face, but we find an emotional reason to argue against the facts. Rarely are we confronted with a concise case of what’s possible. Luckily, I came across just such a powerful message the other [...]

Today's post comes from Melissa on a topic I love to talk about - cooking delicious meals! Melissa Davidson is a writer and social media marketer with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana. She's a former newspaper reporter who now spends her time and energy writing about health, wellness and social issues. When she's [...]

I’m convinced that feeling gratitude makes us happier people. When we’re happy, we have all that we need, so impulse purchases happen less often. There's even some science behind some of the benefits to gratitude. After adding this all together I’ve come to an important conclusion: Feeling gratitude helps our budget!   The other day, [...]

Today's post focuses on a fundamental challenge we've dubbed, "The Millennial Money Challenge": how do millennials face new challenges in the personal finance realm (compared with other generations)? To tackle this question, I've asked my friend Joe from Holberg Financial to cover the topic on my site before I answer the same question with a future [...]

As part of our 90 Day Frugality Challenge, we’re discovering all sorts of new things about our lifestyle and therefore, about ourselves. Luckily for us, there is a bit of behavior science out there that has studied what we’re trying to achieve. This article will break down one of these mental phenomena known as “moral [...]

For the last few weeks, as part of my 90 Day Frugality Challenge, I’ve spent 8 hours each Sunday cooking ~30 meals. That might sound exhausting, but let me tell you, it feels amazing! I’ll break down my pros and cons below and let you in on how this hobby is creating a massive improvement [...]

Today's post will be short as it links to another guest post I did. When it comes to pursuing financial independence there are many great tips to remember.My latest guest post looks at How the Millionaire Next Door Pursues Income. Here's a short exert from the article: When it comes to accumulating financial resources and building wealth, [...]