Welcome to Distilled Dollar; the story of how two overworked 9-5’ers went from making a living to building wealth, together.

My name is Matt, and together with my wife, we are distilling down strategies that have helped us go from living paycheck to paycheck, to saving over half our income within 3 years.

Along the way, our frugality and savings gave us more freedom. The freedom to enjoy more of our time together.

I recall last winter, my wife and I decided to go ice skating here in Chicago.

We were in our 2nd month of marriage, and also our 2nd month of full-time running the business.

Yet, here we were, relaxing on a Tuesday afternoon while blocks away from the same office we used to be grinding away at.

We gained many more freedoms than we could have expected.

There was no one there and it felt serene, peaceful.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating and enjoying our new freedom together as full-time entrepreneurs.

But…we made a lot of mistakes to get to that point.

So, our story highlights the wins and the losses in order to help streamline your process to building wealth.


IN 2016, we used 17 strategies to save over $50K. A few of our posts even got picked up and now over 100,000 people have visited this since since 2017, thanks to features on CNBC, Yahoo, MSN, CNBC again, LifehackerRockstar, TFD, CNBC again, and many more…

For anyone looking for video content, check out our YouTube channel where we put together about ~100 videos for the first part of 2018… all related to money.

If you’re more keen to audio, check out the 5 minute episodes I co-host over on the Millennial Money Minutes Podcast that’s seen over 1,500,000 downloads during the first year.

For more about us, check out this recap as told here on The Huffington Post.

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