Within the online personal finance community, there are numerous organizations designed to support and encourage other members. One such organization is called the Yakezie Network. It offers something called the Yakezie Challenge; a 6 month trial to see if you’re capable of blogging it out. I started my challenge a little over six months ago [...]

Another quarter is over for the Distilled Dollar household! The site has come a LONG way since it officially launched on March 14th of this year. Thank you to everyone who visits Distilled Dollar. Seriously, THANK YOU!!! :) This quarter the blog saw features on a lot of great sites, including The Huffington Post. I’m [...]

If your intention is to make money, then there are a hundred different ways you can make more money FASTER than it takes to create an online source of income. It may be off brand, but this post will detail why you should NOT start a blog. I’ll also dive into the reasons I started [...]

I’ll run through all my numbers below, including a short part at the end about my favorite day during Q2 when I hit 10k page views in a single day (thanks to my being featured on Rockstar Finance). In the effort to keep my financial life fully transparent, I am also keeping this blog transparent [...]

Today’s article deviates from the personal finance topics I typically write about. If you’re interested in seeing more specific information to personal finance, feel free to check out my first interview on a podcast from this week by clicking here for the blog post or here for the iTunes download. Or, check out my brand [...]