Today's post comes from Mari as she writes on the topic of investing. I like this post since it offers a few options I'm not 100% familiar with, such as real estate investing. Anyway, share your comments below after reading and we can see which methods have worked for others in the past. Mari writes for Loansolutions [...]

Today's guest post comes from Johnny Bravo over at If you like his article on passive income, check out his Facebook page as well! Without further ado, Johnny will take it away: Simply put, the ability to generate income on a consistent basis, with minimal and quite often no involvement. This is money that flows [...]

I had a great time doing a guest post on Allan's site Allen put together 55 money tips from 7 bloggers, including myself. I loved the list and have been meaning to share it directly with my readers. Given the post is now hitting its one month period, I figured now is a better [...]

In my third installment of my investing series, I discuss the level of trading I deal with, including my recent dive into ForEx trading after the Brexit decision. I also run through the probability of extremely unlikely events and how humans have an inability to properly plan for these, “black swans”. If you’re familiar with [...]

After lurking on many personal finance blogs for years, David launched in March 2016. He is on a mission to “Restore Order to the World of Finance." He would be honored if you would check out his blog, follow FinanceSuperhero on Twitter, and “Like” the FinanceSuperhero Facebook page. Note: Special thanks to Matt for allowing me to share [...]

During the recent Brexit meltdown, I kept my approach of “Keep Calm and Carry On”, with my index fund investing (minus my 5% “play” fund of individual stocks). Compare my approach with that of a close friend of mine who quickly moved his portfolio from equities to cash because, “this SHIP is going DOWN!” When [...]