Investing comes with its fair share of obstacles. If it were easy, everyone would be investing their 10-15%. But, in reality, nearly half of us don’t own a single stock. One of the key obstacles I had to overcome in order to truly tap into the power of investing was productive procrastination. Productive Procrastination Simply [...]

Today’s post is a short one highlighting 95 answers from 22 personal finance bloggers on financial advice. Many of these answers are from familiar faces while some might be new to you. They all share great insights along the road towards financial independence. I hope everyone had a killer New Years celebration. We’re celebrating [...]

It is open enrollment season (at least here in the US.) That means selecting health coverage for 2017 and deciding whether an Health Savings Account (HSA) is right for you. The early retirement community is obsessed with HSAs, and naturally so. Still, it’s not right for everyone and today’s post will address when an HSA [...]

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