Today’s post is a link to an article I wrote, which was featured on the front page of The Dollar Stretcher. I discussed the topic of taking out a 401k loan -- when it might make the most sense and when it is something you should avoid. I’m including an excerpt below, but definitely check [...]

Today's article comes from the lovely Mrs. Distilled Dollar. She gives details (and spreadsheets!) as to how we use FREE services from Amazon to reduce our annual spend by over $1,000. Saving with Amazon is good. Avoiding impulse shopping is great. The best part is we're saving TIME by not needing to drive, walk, or bike to pick up these goods. Without [...]

Similar to other millennials, I feel a sense of invincibility when it comes to my health. My rational brain knows that this mentality is ill-advised (pun intended), so I’m trying to do as much as I can to keep my health great for as long as possible. After all, what’s the point of early retirement [...]

Today's post is the story of the worst purchasing mistake I’ve ever made. To be honest, I don’t know if I learned a lesson that I already didn’t know. I hope, at the very least, the story of me and this dress shirt provides some additional insight for you. To help put things in perspective, I [...]