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A big money breakthrough I had was money and self-awareness go hand in hand. Once we know our daily cash flows, we’re able to invest the excess to pursue financial independence. When we lack clarity, we tend to interrupt compounding interest. The example I use is, oddly enough, garbage. An Average American family throws out […]

Today’s post touches on the concept of frugality and how it helps us invest money. Without frugality, much of our earnings would be akin to adding water to a bucket of holes. With frugality, we plug those holes and gain the capacity to expand our frontier. This is why the Distilled Dollar household believes that […]

In the last few months, one of my big money takeaways has been viewing investing as a percentage-per-day. I’ll explain this idea of a daily investment rate soon but first, the overall message is this: reduce (or eliminate) stress and an easy first step to saving more. Investing as a Percentage If you listen to […]

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