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In the last few months, one of my big money takeaways has been viewing investing as a percentage-per-day. I’ll explain this idea of a daily investment rate soon but first, the overall message is this: reduce (or eliminate) stress and an easy first step to saving more. Investing as a Percentage If you listen to […]

2017 started off like a bat out of hell for Distilled Dollar. We’ve seen more visitors, pageviews, emails and revenue than all of last year. Here’s my Blog Income Report Q1 2017. (You can view earlier blog income reports here) Blog Income Report Q1 2017 I continue to treat my site as a privilege. It […]

As a fresh-out-of-college-grad, I quickly found myself spending far too much of my paycheck far too soon. At the time, I didn’t have any credit cards and I was constantly checking my bank account balance. I still recall seeing a $20 balance on a Tuesday and reminding myself the money needed to last until Friday. […]

We’re still celebrating having reached a net worth of $0 at the end of last year. We hit our 2016 goal it at the eleventh hour. Now Q1 brings even better news with our Net Worth reaching $30K. Net Worth Q1 2017 We invested $248/day this quarter compared with investing $80/day for all of last year. Our […]

“The smartest investment we can make is an investment in ourselves.” -Warren Buffett. A similar practice was followed by Warren’s partner, Charlie Munger. The first hour of his day as an attorney was spent on his #1 client — himself. A decade into practicing this behavior, tallied up to more than a working year spent […]

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