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Occasionally, I come across something so profound that it is hard to argue against. Sometimes the truth stares us in the face, but we find an emotional reason to argue against the facts. Rarely are we confronted with a concise case of what’s possible. Luckily, I came across just such a powerful message the other […]

Before I dive into today’s post, be sure to check out my NEW Facebook page and leave a like. As always, it is much appreciated! As part of our 90 Day Frugality Challenge, I’ve been reading two different books that have been what I call, “The jet fuel of early retirement”. I’ve felt a personal transformation […]

Today’s post comes from Melissa on a topic I love to talk about – cooking delicious meals! Melissa Davidson is a writer and social media marketer with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana. She’s a former newspaper reporter who now spends her time and energy writing about health, wellness and social issues. When she’s […]

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