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The first stage of fighting an opponent is understanding the opponent. In this scenario, we’re facing off with an ambiguous term dubbed in recent years: lifestyle inflation. Portions of lifestyle inflation are great and I highly encourage them, whereas, some types of inflation are negative or even destructive. Understanding lifestyle inflation may be the biggest […]

The average, run-of-the-mill, financial advice is simple: automate your investments. Preferably, a predetermined dollar amount is set to auto deduct right from your paycheck and wired into investment accounts. I agree with this approach and take it further by automating spend. The single best attribute from automating the vast bulk of spend is that it […]

A recent podcast episode launched a great discussion on strategy. For many, myself included, the concept of “strategy” conveys complexity. Here’s my take on breaking down how strategy benefits our financial life. Thanks to the 25k downloads so far on our podcast! If you have checked it out, we highly appreciate any and all reviews on iTunes, […]

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