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Early Retirement can be obtained through frugality and a dedicated work ethic. First, we often comb through and analyze our expenses. The next step to optimizing our journey to financial independence is learning to how maximize value. This is also an exciting challenge. With hard work (and some luck), I’ve doubled my salary in less […]

Minimalism is an incredible movement growing across the globe. At its core, minimalism is about removing the clutter and simplifying our lives. We are constantly on the go so it can be difficult to pause and ask ourselves, “Will this purchase add value to my life?”. One of the most popular episodes we’ve done on […]

Today’s post is a cool guest post from Jacob relating to 5 financial lessons learned over a board game. If you’re like me, you can relate to some of these experiences! Personally, I learned plenty of lessons over board games with friends (even still to do this day). After spending six years in the accounting, retirement, and […]

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