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It ended up being a breakthrough year for me and my fiancée as we set and hit a crazy goal to double our savings. We ended up tripling it in the end as we went from saving 20% to saving 60% of our after-tax income.

Our journey started off much worse.

I still recall one quarter in 2013 where I saw my net worth go down. It felt miserable as I felt things were spiraling out of control.

The truth is, we don’t need to have a high IQ to become financially independent, we only need to avoid real stupid mistakes.

It took us a full nine months to get out of the trenches, and I won’t rehash it here since you can catch our story on The Huffington Post.

Summary: By the end of 2014, we saved close to 10% of our combined post-tax income. It took another year to reach 20%, making 2016 our breakout year; we ended up saving over 60%.

As we tested different ideas through the years, we noticed some that stuck and some that didn’t. At times it could be frustrating but we already felt confident we were inching our ways closer to the result we wanted.

During our 90 Day Frugality Challenge – you’ll hear that ’90DFC’ term mentioned a lot on this site – anyhow, on the last 90 days I ended up detailing each of the strategies we used.

17 Money Strategies saved us over $50K in 2016 and earned us a feature on CNBC, Yahoo, MSN, CNBC again, LifehackerRockstar, TFD, CNBC again, and many more sites…

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We have our sights set high for 2017 as we aim to save $100K by using 3 guiding principles. 

Most recently we’re in the end stages of another frugality challenge, this time narrowing down a different list altogether (for the most part) with 14 frugal strategies of which my favorite:

It takes only 5 minutes a day.

Anyhow, you can find the latest articles on the blog page and all my old articles in the index. Currently there over 200 articles so you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

Below are a few of my top posts that link together the story of how we escaped the life of living paycheck to paycheck.

Be on the lookout for even more content from Distilled Dollar in 2018 as I will be transitioning from my 9-5 to officially become a full-time entrepreneur, working on this site and the various services and products people have been asking for. More information to come soon on these 2018 goals and more.

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Podcast: If you’re looking to learn about all things money via audio, then check out the 5 minute episodes on the Millennial Money Minutes Podcast. We’ve seen 1.5 million downloads in our first year (through December 2017) and happy to grow this platform even more in 2018!

For the best money tools & resources I’m currently using, check out my resources and recommendations page.

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