student loan debt

As a 27 year-old, college graduate living in the United States, I have my fair share of student loans. The grand total, when combined with my fiancée’s, is $115,000. To our household, that is a terrifying number. It should be. Debt is no joke. Despite all this, we’ve managed to pull together a tax efficient [...]

According to a recent survey of 1,001 students with student loans, 38% said they were unfamiliar with refinancing student loans. Given the opportunities out there that can help us build wealth, that is shockingly high. Not surprisingly, for those who did choose to refinance (about 30%), it appears a lower interest rate was the highest [...]

Check out my latest guest post today on The Silver Lining to Student Loan Debt. As long time readers are aware, my girlfriend and I have had our share of struggles when it comes to student loan debt. We believe all those stats that tell us money is the number one cause of divorce, because we've seen the [...]

Student loan debt in America grows by $2,726 every second.* Luckily for some, companies are beginning to embrace programs to help recent grads pay down their debt. One such platform offered to employers was created by Student Loan Genius.** The program can match an employee’s student loan payments by contributing to their 401(k). I wish [...]