“Matt’s five-week program is packed - providing concise, actionable and enjoyable material...the perfect investment for entrepreneurs who are ready for the hustle and grind that comes with starting a business. By the fifth week, you will have gained the understanding and knowledge needed to cultivate a thriving, continually growing membership base and successful venture.”

Mary M.  Los Angeles, CA
Mary M.

“Week 2 was interesting...really dive in and ignore preconceived notions or assumptions (positive and negative) that I've had about our side hustles. Objectivity is entering the game now and for great reason. I don't know that I've ever felt this passionate before about side hustles, and all the associated behaviors, life hacks, and possibilities. Thanks again for all that you are doing... it's a life changer!”

J.C. Schaumleffel 
J.C. Schaumleffel

"Matt is approachable, experienced, and thoughtful, providing excellent suggestions and direction while also listening and acting as a sounding board for the new ideas or questions I may have. I have become more confident in my path and direction. Matt is someone I trust to provide honest feedback, sound advice, and clear guidance."

Mrs. Adventure Rich  AdventureRichly.com
Mrs. Adventure Rich

"Matt is a great coach who not only teaches you the best strategies and tools but also really understands your needs at every stage. It's as though he can see your individual path to success and is able to feed you exactly what you need to know, every step of the way."

Ricard Torres Barcelona, Spain  EscapingToFreedom.com
Ricard Torres   Barcelona, Spain

“Working with Matt really has allowed me to develop that vision of where I want to take my blog and how I can turn it into a business....and he really helped me develop a path to my own journey”

Kevin Galang  SecondHandSuccess.com
Kevin Galang

“Discussing matters with Matt quickly felt like a comfortable conversation between lifelong friends. It's nice having someone to talk to about ideas and decisions. His tactfulness and generosity are unparalleled and I have no doubt he'll be successful - and so can you."

Chip Jones  luckytownbrewing.com
Chip Jones

Why Financial Freedom Means You Can Make an Even Bigger Impact

Perhaps you have a desire to launch a product. Maybe you want to monetize your audience. Could be that you “just” want to create something stellar for your fans.

If you’re a content creator, you’ve probably thought about all of this at some point or other. I say “probably” – but here you are reading this!

You know, if you had more financial freedom, your impact could only grow.

But life always has other plans, and things don’t always pan out as you want them to. Burnout leads to your precious time and valuable headspace being occupied by pesky little gremlins, and that sucks.

As a result, your friends and family might even be suffering. It’s stressful. There must be a better way! After all, you know that you can put that same time and energy to better use.

You might just not know how. The good news is that I’ve been to Hell and back to find that route – and I’ve distilled it down to the essentials so you can avoid the red-hot pokers of failure!

From Side-Husting Frugality Blogger to Full-time Entrepreneur and More…

In 2016 I devised a strategy and launched a blog to share what I had discovered with the world. I never intended it to be more than that – but stuff blew up fast, and I found myself in national newspapers with my own nickname.

It was pretty cool – and way more of a friendly reception than I ever could have hoped for.

However, it doesn’t prepare you.

Fast-forward to January 2018. My wife and I were leaving our 9-5s to support the blog’s growth, full-time. It was a crazy and exciting time for us when it honestly felt like anything was possible.

As it turned out, not all those anythings that were possible were necessarily good.

Some were downright heartbreaking. I learned a lot (you like ugly details?), and now I’ve come out the other side with more experience, more knowledge, and perhaps a little more wisdom at my side.

If you come here often, you’ll know that Distilled Dollar is all about boiling information down to the essentials. It’s not about the time-consuming process of optimizing, fine-tuning, and tweaking.

It’s about minimizing your time investment to maximize your income.

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