Given last week’s Net Worth post, I decided it only makes sense to provide a blog income report on how this blog is doing.

Luckily, the numbers are relatively easy to report so far (AKA: revenue = $0), but in the interest of full disclosure, I believe in providing a full “behind the scenes” look for my readers.

Plus, this post also serves as excellent fodder for my future self to look back on and laugh.

There is no doubt, I am making a lot of mistakes in my current process but I believe I will continue to get better.

I admit, the launch process for Distilled Dollar was much more stressful than I anticipated, so at the very least, I hope this post might help new bloggers to be better prepared for what it takes to “go live”.


I started to post on Distilled Dollar in January of 2016, but I didn’t officially launch the site until March 14th. A lot of my time was spent tweaking and re-tweaking the site and my posts.

The lesson I learned here was that it is better to get an imperfect blog in front of readers, than to try and achieve a level of perfection that doesn’t exist.

In short: get out of your own way and avoid making the mistake of being your own worst critic.

Blog Stats Q1 2016

Instead of telling you my stats, I opted for the easier route of just showing you:

Q1 2016 GA
Do I know what makes up a ‘pageview’ or ‘session’ or what these stats mean yet?


…but those are the stats according to Google Analytics which appears to be the popular tracking system used by other bloggers.

My twitter handle went from 0 followers on Feb 9th, to 5,000 followers on Apr 5th. I know I’m cheating by including an April date, but I don’t recall the number on March 31st. If you want to learn more about my Twitter approach, then skip to the bottom of this post where I write more about it.

My favorite stat is that my site hit 48 comments in its first quarter. Granted, half of those comments are my responses to comments, but my expectation was to have maybe 4-5 at the close of the quarter.

It is so rewarding to see you, my readers, appreciate my work enough to engage in a conversation.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the site, read multiple articles or a single article, and thank you to anyone who took the time to leave a comment!!

The site successfully included one post for each Tuesday of the week. I’m hoping to work my way up to posting 2x per week but for now I’ve committed to at least once per week, every Tuesday.

According to another blogger, Financial Samurai, you know you’ve arrived once you, “start getting nasty comments or hate mail”. In this regard, I must sadly inform you all that I have not yet “made it”. But I’m gonna try to hit my new goal in Q2 of ‘gain haters’.

Blog Income Q1 2016

This is the easiest part because I did not make a penny off the site this quarter. Here’s the snapshot:

Revenue: $0.00
Expenses: $(187.72)
Net Loss: $(187.72)

(insert sad picture of my cat Pebbles. Editor’s note: she’s a cat, Matt, she does not emit sadness, ever.)

My blog income is actually a blog loss with nothing to report for revenue.

Expenses on the other hand, did involve a few items.

I set up my domain for $10.87. I wish I could recall the first name idea I had, because it was laughable in comparison, but my brilliant girlfriend suggested Distilled Dollar and saved the day.

I’m currently using HostGator at $11.95 per month for a total this quarter of $35.85. Apparently, BlueHost is amazing as I’ve seen about 4,000 bloggers promote it. I’ve heard good and bad things so I might switch over. I have even thought about writing a post on this topic since I have done way too much research over a relatively small expense.

My theme set me back $41. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service I have received, so I would highly recommend checking out their store if you’re looking for a theme. This is not a referral link, this is just me recommending something because it is awesome. I have zero code or HTML experience, so I appreciate the support crew being extremely quick to respond to all my pesky emails. A+++, would buy again.

Lastly, I had my first under the table expense (kinda cool, possibly shady). A sweet friend of ours took the time to customize and design our logo…free of charge! I have placed this as an $100 expense, because I know such a logo should have cost way more. I feel covering some type of double date dinner is the bare minimum I should do to thank her.

Social Media

When I started the blog, I had the intention of setting up social media profiles across each commonly known platform. After consulting with a successful friend of mine who engages in social media, he advised me to pick one platform and give it 100% of my focus before jumping into the next one.

I’m glad I took his advice because I picked Twitter and focused on making it as effective as possible.

I reached 5,000 followers on April 5th, which is not bad considering my first tweet was Feb 3rd.

That first tweet:

First Tweet

I did all this without spending a dollar on automation services.

I had no clue how twitter worked at first and the numbers demonstrate this.

It took me 16 days to reach 100 followers and I couldn’t believe how fast it happened.

By the end of February I had over 1,500 followers. Again, shocked.

On April 5th, I hit 5,000 followers. Shocked is an understatement.

I had gone from 100 followers to 5,000 in less than 50 days!

Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot about twitter in this short amount of time. If you have specific questions on how to utilize twitter for your platform, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to consult.

If it makes sense and enough people care, I can even write a short post on what I did to get to 5,000 followers so fast.

The rapid rise in followers was only made possible because of ManageFlitter. It is a FREE online tool that does offer an upgraded version if you pay for the service. I highly recommend checking out at least the free portion if you’re serious about using Twitter.

I have only used the free platform to date, but I am considering upgrading so I can spend more time writing and reading.

Edit: I’ve since written a full guide on how I used Twitter to reach 10,000 followers in 4 months. Click here to check out the free guide.

Summary & Closing


Needless to say, Distilled Dollar has brought me more joy than I could have imagined, despite the blog income report being a blog loss report.

I use the word joy because for me it means a deeper sense of happiness. Being able to spend hours writing and rewriting a paragraph or sentence, just to see one message or comment noting how the analogy or sentence is great…makes all the effort well worth it.

Thanks for being along for the ride in Q1!

I’m thrilled to see what lies ahead for Q2!

Master Distilled

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