My vision for this blog has been to help people extract the vital aspects of personal finance as they pursue financial independence.

As part of this vision, I have been reaching out and connecting with other bloggers to see how I can improve my chances of making a positive impact. After all, what’s the point of writing if no one is reading?

I came across a few people mentioning the Yakezie Challenge.

Basically, the challenge is to post at least twice a week for 6 months while connecting with other bloggers in the Yakezie Network.

As it turns out, I had started the challenge without even realizing it. I was already reaching out to other bloggers in my network and just recently increased my posting frequency from once a week to twice a week (Tuesdays & Saturdays).

But it’s not official until it’s “post-about-it” official, so that being said, I am officially starting my Yakezie challenge right now.

The challenge also asks that we track our Alexa rankings. If you’re unfamiliar with Alexa, it is a free online toolbar that tracks the popularity of various web pages. If you don’t have the toolbar yet, download it as it is pretty cool to see where sites rank comparative to each other.

It wasn’t a surprise to see Facebook, Google & Youtube all make it in the top 3.

I was shocked to see WordPress rank so highly at 41.

It is amazing to see that blogging is such a popular hobby (or vocation) for so many people.

My current Alexa rank as of 4/16/2016 is 1,770,615. When I first installed the toolbar I was unranked and a few days later on 3/16/2016 I was at 6,662,236. The goal of the Yakezie Challenge is to reach a rank of at least 200,000 within 6 months!

One of the great benefits of learning from other bloggers is having less stress when tweaking my own site or figuring out how to make something work.

The Yakezie Challenge means I will have more time to craft my content to be as good as possible.

It is also rewarding to connect with people who have the same interest in personal finance. In each conversation I’ve had so far, especially over the phone, I feel that both parties walk away having learned a few things.

Here’s to the next 6 months!


Master Distiller

P.S. You’ll start to see the following badge at the bottom of each page:

Yakezie Badge

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