When I think of “early retirement,” my first thought goes to Ben Franklin. He essentially blogged (wrote almanacs as they were called in those days) about frugality and having an intense work ethic. He understood that, “lost time is never found again,” and he pursued financial independence to make sure he gained back as much time as possible.

Through building a print shop into a successful business, he was able to retire at the age of 42.

When I read more about Ben Franklin, I wasn’t drawn to the common story many people know about the inventor of the lightning rod or as one  of the Founding Fathers.

I was pulled to that concept of “early retirement.”

It was the first time I knew such an idea even existed.

I read as much as I could find on the man to discover more of what he knew. Lucky for me, those almanacs I mentioned earlier are still around today because they contain many of the most useful pieces of information I’ve come across.

Ben himself would testify that over 90% of his writing was, “the gleanings I had made of the sense of all ages and nations.”

Ben Franklin studied the past so that he could gain more freedom in his present.

Anyway, I shared my Top Five Lessons Learned from Ben Franklin in my first guest post over at Preston’s great site, TheDrunkMillionaire.com.

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