Today’s post comes at you from a completely different direction. I’m not sure where it came from, but I felt inspired to put together my thoughts on walking, biking, and driving.

I have nothing against cars, but I have designed my lifestyle now to live in a place where I don’t need a car. This single decision has made me healthier, happier and wealthier over the past year than nearly any other decision.

In your life, you might have made a similar change such as opting to cook more meals instead of eating at restaurants or opting for road trips instead of travelling to foreign countries. The principles below should hold true in those instances as well.

Without further ado, a Distilled Dollar original:

The one who walks makes more than might suggest

He values his time and is rewarded
Each dollar he earns is kept to invest
Not spent buying goods to be applauded

The one who bikes is rich to travel far
She values her time and is rewarded
Each pedal brings exercise with no car
No moment’s idle while health’s awarded

The one who drives is quick and efficient
He values his time and is rewarded
Each pedal push, funds grow insufficient
Not purchasing the time he’s afforded

Everyone values their own time and feels rewarded when they do so.

The definition of reward is, “receive what one deserves”.

We might not be rewarded with what we want, but we will be reward with what we deserve.

That might be a bit harsh, as we often see unfortunate rewards as problems popping up.

So, what are you rewarding yourself with? We all have different priorities in life. We each are free to spend our hard earned cash how we best see fit. I myself love a great bourbon and travel.

I also coupled my thoughts on walking, biking, and driving with the idea that everyone has different priorities. Some value luxury travel while others are happier to put that money into a savings account or invest it into the market.

We each feel rewarded based on what we value and it becomes subjective over who is receiving the larger value in return.

So, are you rewarding yourself by investing in what you value the most?

Master Distiller

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