Check out my latest guest post today on The Silver Lining to Student Loan Debt.

As long time readers are aware, my girlfriend and I have had our share of struggles when it comes to student loan debt.

We believe all those stats that tell us money is the number one cause of divorce, because we’ve seen the stress it has created in our lives.

Fast forward to today; instead of “evil”, we view student loans as something essential that carried us to the next phase of our lives. For both of us, the mountain of debt we accumulated during undergrad, was the spark that helped us shape up.

Anyway, here’s a quick exert from the post:

According to this 2015 interactive state by state map, the the average student loan debt in Illinois (where my girlfriend and I currently reside) was $28,984. That means that, between the two of us, we are above average by 209%.

…At least we’re above average in something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The reason I added in the awkward  shrugging smile is because student loan debt has become a kind of right of passage for millennials, and — contrary to what most of us believe — having student loan debt  actually helps us in many ways.

By adopting this perspective, we can diminish the stress surrounding our loans and can instead be grateful and happy that our loans have equipped us with extra knowledge and willpower in the financial game of life.

But even still — all optimism aside — let’s face it: student loans suck.

I see friends of mine who have never had to budget or think about what refinancing a loan might do to their credit. They’re able to live in a carefree world and sleep soundly at night, never laying awake and wondering how they’re going to afford their credit card bill after those automatic deductions hit the checking account.

That carefree world might be a nice place to live, but  I would never want to trade places with such people because I’ve seen first hand the kind of destructive financial habits they develop. Far too many of my friends graduated debt free, only to accumulate five digit credit card debt.

Check out the full article here.

It was a huge goal of mine to be a guest poster on Millennial Money Man. It is crazy to think how far this site has come this year. Bobby, who also goes by M$M, has been an inspiration on my journey towards financial independence and towards my foray into blogging.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the post by clicking over and leaving a comment.

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