During the recent Brexit meltdown, I kept my approach of “Keep Calm and Carry On”, with my index fund investing (minus my 5% “play” fund of individual stocks).

Compare my approach with that of a close friend of mine who quickly moved his portfolio from equities to cash because, “this SHIP is going DOWN!”

When it comes to large market events, it can be extremely difficult to time the market. When we do succeed in timing the market, it can be even MORE difficult to attribute our success to luck rather than our intelligence.

Personally, I purchased shares in Tesla before they skyrocketed. It was the first investment I ever made, and I’ve only added to my previous position, never allowing my shares to exceed 5% of my total portfolio.

I now need to tread carefully as my overconfidence in individual stock picking might cause some damage down the road.

That being said, I will now transition to the topic of Indexing!


Most likely, you thought indexing in the title was about my index fund approach, but you would be wrong. You might have thought I would go into detail here about how index funds have outperformed actively managed funds, but, once again, nope.

While I do believe indexing is a great approach for most people, this post is not about that type of indexing.

After a few requests, I decided to create an index page where you can find all my articles ever written.

…including my Investing 101 article about index investing…so I guess this is all a form of…”indextion”!

Insert picture here of the movie banner Inception but spend a good hour reformatting the title to cleverly read Indextion. (Editor’s note: Matt, I’m not your graphic designer, I’m your editor!)

Many of my first articles were on topics I had wanted to write about for years, but naturally, they’ve received very little traffic to date. Let me know if you find anything valuable by leaving a comment.

I officially launched my site on March 14th, but you’ll notice posts going back to January.


Did you change your portfolio in the wake of Brexit? Were you as big a fan of Indextion as much as I was?

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