I had a great time doing a guest post on Allan’s site ThePracticalSaver.com. Allen put together 55 money tips from 7 bloggers, including myself. I loved the list and have been meaning to share it directly with my readers. Given the post is now hitting its one month period, I figured now is a better time than ever.

Click here now to check out the full post on 55ย Money Tips from 7 Bloggers.

Personally, I had many favorites but these were the few that stood out for me. I’ll list them here, but know that each one on the list contains a brief description from the blogger.

Here’s my favorite money tips from the list:

15. School is just as much a place to learn as it is to network

25. Drink more water (DD: this is the example I use when I explain compound interest to new people. Opting for water during lunch and dinner every time will save you a buck or two and will help keep you lean and mean!)

35. Read The Millionaire Next Door (DD Note: This is amongst the top personal finance books I’ve ever come across. Tremendous book.)

40. Increase your chances of success by automating your savings (DD: Automating as much as possible feels great, its smart, and it leaves more time for learning more about other ways to save money OR to just enjoy life.)

50. Be sure to look at the total cost of the item (DD: easier said than done when people market to us the monthly payment all the time.)

I’m not sure what it was with the increments of 5’s but it worked out!

Oh, and I’ll toss in that being from the Midwest and being a fan of whiskey, I also enjoyed tip number 56 – PreGame! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tips!

Any tips you would have added to the list?

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