Today’s article is a guest post I did over on Ricard’s site Escaping To Freedom. Ricard’s site is great and I’m glad he is now someone I can learn from. He wrote a killer post on my site a few weeks back on Increasing Our Savings Rate and Accelerating Our Financial Independence. I felt obligated to delivery the highest quality in return so I wrote a post on 3 Components to Creating a Successful Side Hustle.

Here’s a piece of what you’ll see when you click over:

Side hustles have a nasty habit of taking a LONG time to generate cash flow, so make sure you’re receiving benefits before that day comes!

Most of the money I’m earning now is being reinvested back into the site via consulting or upgrading my site’s tech. I feel I owe it to my readers to make my site even better.

After all, the more I give to my site, the more I end up receiving in return.

The last and most critical component in creating a successful side hustle is finding mentors, role models, and heroes.

“Tell me who your heroes are and I’ll tell you how you’ll turn out.” – Warren Buffett

Without a role model, we often lose sight of what’s possible with our side hustle. It helps to have a person guiding us through those early days of starting from scratch.

I have relied heavily on other successful bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. It is reassuring to receive positive feedback and advice early on. The hard part is to trust the mentor and implement their suggestions. Once I do what a mentor asks me to do, they’re even more eager to help out next time.

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