Today’s post comes from Mari as she writes on the topic of investing. I like this post since it offers a few options I’m not 100% familiar with, such as real estate investing. Anyway, share your comments below after reading and we can see which methods have worked for others in the past.

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4 Smart Investment Moves to Make in Your 20s

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” — Robert Kiyosaki

Scary, overwhelming, and challenging. These are three words that instantly come to mind when talking about investing. Although investing can be scary, overwhelming, and challenging all at the same time, when you do some thorough research and learn to master investing tips, your chances of having long-term success are great.

So if you want to have a financially secure future, then start investing your money when you are in your twenties. Below are four of the most profitable ways and the safest investment moves that you can try to multiply your assets and ensure a financially secure future.

1. Invest in Peer-to- Peer Lending

Peer-to- Peer lending is one of the safest investment methods that you can try because it spreads out your investment to many borrowers. Rather than placing all your investment funds into one borrower, you lend your money to “peers” or other people through companies, such as Lending Club, Prosper and Perform. The borrowers will then pay back the loans with various interest rates. With this type of investment method, your money is spread out to compensate for any borrowers who fail to make loan repayment.

2. Purchase Bonds

First time investors should try investing in bonds. Bonds are debt investments wherein the investor loans money to a corporate entity or government organization at fixed interest rates for an established period of time. The price of the bond is equal to the amount of investment lent to the company or organization, and the investors receive interest in exchange for lending the money.

3. Go into Real Estate

Investing in real estate can produce a substantial income either through capital appreciation, renting, and buying and selling. This makes it one of the most in demand investment methods that you can try to make big profits. Because it involves physical assets, this investment strategy will be very profitable as long as businesses need buildings to manufacture goods and host customers and products, and people need homes.

4. Buy Precious Metals Like Gold

Precious metals, such as gold, are valuable assets. You might think that investing in gold is already outdated, but it still holds real value and remains to be a worthy investment if you handle it correctly. One of the advantages of investing in gold is that it preserves wealth. You can buy these precious metals and keep them at home or store them in a safe place. In an event where the economy collapses, these assets can be used as barter.

Bottom Line

You may think that you need to have millions of dollars in your bank account before you can start investing, but think again. With as little as fifty dollars, you can put your money into some investment methods that will increase over time. By trying out these investment strategies, I hope that you’ve learn some important ways to save up your hard earned cash and make your future financially secure.

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