Within the online personal finance community, there are numerous organizations designed to support and encourage other members. One such organization is called the Yakezie Network. It offers something called the Yakezie Challenge; a 6 month trial to see if you’re capable of blogging it out. I started my challenge a little over six months ago and I’m happy to report that the Yakezie Challenge was successful!

The Yakezie Challenge ask that you to commit to posting 3x per week and dedicate more time and effort to developing stronger relationships with other bloggers. Yakezie also inspire you to aim big when it comes to growing your site.

In my view, a successful site is the RESULT of being disciplined, providing consistent value to readers, being technologically savvy, and (it doesn’t hurt) to catching a bit of luck now and then.

The challenge inspired me to aim for an Alexa ranking of under 200,000. I didn’t know what Alexa meant at first, but I found it is a ranking system based on traffic to your site. When I started Distilled Dollar, I was unranked. 3 days into launching the blog, I moved to 6,662,236 place.. By the time I started the challenge, I was ranked at 1,770,650. Today, with this challenge having come full circle, I’m happy to say I’m ranked at 267,610 (as of October 20th).

The lesson here is never doubt our ability to grow over long periods of time. I had many days, especially early on, where I thought it was stupid to say my goal was 200,000. I felt lucky enough that I was in the top 2,000,000, let alone aim for the top 200,000.

What seems insurmountable in the beginning soon becomes inevitable.

Similar to investing, we need to continue our efforts each month. As time moves on, the snowball becomes larger and picks up speed.

You don’t have to  to hope for it, you can count  on it. Security becomes a tangible feeling in our lives.

A few more things I learned from the Yakezie challenge, in no particular order:

Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help.

Don’t be afraid to reinvest the blog’s earnings back into the site via consulting calls.

Don’t be afraid to write what you believe, even if it goes against what your readers believe.

I’m glad the Yakezie Challenge taught me so much, thanks to such a vibrant and growing community of personal finance bloggers.

Thank you!

Are your support systems in place for the challenges you’re facing? If you’re in the Yakezie Challenge, or completed it, what were some of your big takeaways?

Master Distiller

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