For the last few weeks, as part of my 90 Day Frugality Challenge, I’ve spent 8 hours each Sunday cooking ~30 meals. That might sound exhausting, but let me tell you, it feels amazing! I’ll break down my pros and cons below and let you in on how this hobby is creating a massive improvement in our lives.

First off, major props to my fiancee for supporting me through this. I know how she felt when I first suggested Sunday Cooking Day…

I’ve tried my hardest to put most of the cooking work on my shoulders. This is something I’ve decided to do and I want the resulting lifestyle impact to affect me and not her. She can continue doing what she does on Sunday.

At the end of the day, cooking saves us time, money, and it reinforces a positive lifestyle by eating healthier.

I’m taking advantage of the assembly line approach by cooking my meals in bulk. They might not be as fresh or gourmet by the time Friday afternoon rolls around — but I’m celebrating ease and comfort over what tastes good.

What does 8 hours of cooking look like?

The first 90 minutes involves zero cooking. Why? Because I don’t have anything to cook yet.

Step 1: Buy Groceries. I have a Mariano’s ~20 minute walk from me. It might take me a few extra minutes walking back and I love to shop for deals and browse around the store a bit. Total time spent: ~90 minutes.

My favorite part about grocery shopping is that it allows me 90 minutes to listen to an audiobook. Nothing beats finding deals on Kale while listening to the stoics.

Our entire week of meals comes down to less than $100 per week for the two of us. I wrote a full post before on the items I shop for to reduce our grocery budget.

Looking back now, I feel like I was Clark Kent and never really unleashed my Superman powers of frugality. I wasn’t being frugal with my money OR my time until I started cooking and prepping meals for the entire week.

We even prepare food to satisfy our sweet tooth, such as cookies. So, what’s not to love?

At the end of the day, cooking affords us the opportunity to accelerate our debt payments by taking one large step, every Sunday, towards financial freedom.

What are your go to frugal hobbies? Do you prefer to cook over dining out?

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