I wish total revamps of our priorities and budgets were the actual game changers. The reality is, most of us make incremental changes in our lives and typically (hopefully) make progress…

s   l   o   w   l   y   .

Slow is boring, but then again, slow makes it possible for the dedicated and committed to get far ahead. Personal finance doesn’t require us to be brilliant mathematicians as much as it requires us to have perseverance.

These incremental strategies, that help us make small improvements, are what I mean when I say we have nudge strategies that help us shift our behavior over time.

What Nudge Strategy Have You Seen Work Most Effective?


In my life, I feel the mental shift where talking about money is concerned, not as a resource, but as a tool to empower us has been effective. I’ve seen people’s eyes light up differently when they realize money can provide options such as security and freedom instead of thinking of money only as a tool to buy depreciating assets or luxury experiences.

I need to match the point above with a 2nd, practical nudge.

After all, personal finance is 80% mental, but the last 20% is what keeps money in the bank.

The nudge I use, is explained in my 10% to 11% post where I talk about how that one extra percent results in 2 EXTRA years of financial freedom.

Saving an extra 1% becomes much more exciting after we connect the fact that it can provide us two more years of financial independence.

What we can do with that amount of time liberates us and creates a new excitement. So, while the change is small and slow on the surface, our deeper sense of living can become fired up to find that next Nudge Strategy.

Which small piece of financial advice have you seen successfully adopted the most? What small behavioral tip are you likely (if any) to hand out to friends or strangers? What nudge strategy has worked recently in your life?

Master Distiller

P.S. My 1% article was picked up on a few sites over the past week – so thanks to new readers who are stopping by. As fate would have it, I had this, “Nudge Strategy,” article lined up to go which follows along nicely from that prior post.

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