Occasionally, I come across something so profound that it is hard to argue against. Sometimes the truth stares us in the face, but we find an emotional reason to argue against the facts. Rarely are we confronted with a concise case of what’s possible. Luckily, I came across just such a powerful message the other day on 7 Paths to Becoming a Millionaire.

Oh, and these are paths that real people took in the last few years to become ACTUAL millionaires, not just the superfluous suggestions such as, “save to invest, not save to save.”

First off, becoming a millionaire in today’s world is essential. With the rate of inflation, we will all become millionaires at some point in our lives. The only question is, how soon?

Money is absolutely important, BUT it is only a means to expanding our capacity to contribute. Financial Independence is a route towards happiness because it is a route away from all the financial turmoil we currently endure.

On a long enough timeline (you read that in the voice of The Narrator), everyone will hate their current role in life and so we need to continue to grow. Pursuing financial independence at an early age gives us a strong foundation to take greater risks and pursue bolder accomplishments.

Living paycheck to paycheck is NOT something we want to go back to.

ALL 7 paths were achieved by people who are out in the public eye. They share their story and they provided real time updates on their path. (Thank you, Almighty Age of the Internets!)

For all, it took less than 10 years. If you’re thinking 10 years is too long and that you’ll need to find a faster route, then I encourage you to set yourself up for a 10 year plan FIRST, and then try to trim the fat along your path. Don’t fall into a trap of analysis by paralysis (LINK) and spend years falling for get-quick-rich-schemes.

7 Paths to Becoming a Millionaire


In case you missed it, I linked to the 7 paths in the line above.

BIG PROPS to Northern Expenditure for putting together a KILLER piece. Also, a big THANK YOU to Sam from Financial Samurai who mentioned the post on Twitter (where I discovered it).

Speaking of Twitter, I’m trying a different approach where I share more of the articles you love. If you find something interesting OR if you wrote something yourself then simply message me on Twitter with the link. I’m aiming to create a sort of “retweet Tuesday/Thursday,” thing and I need more links. 🙂

Are you pursuing financial independence with, “Becoming a millionaire,” as the target? Is multi-millionaire your target? How fast are you looking to go from zero to millionaire?


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