Today’s post comes from Mrs. Distilled Dollar! She writes about a topic that has been top of mind for us over the past few months following our engagement. She shares our approach to planning a destination wedding.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding?

No, seriously — what the hell do we do? This article isn’t a step by step recipe for a perfect getaway wedding. This article is me asking how to actually plan one.

We’ve done the hardest part, which is setting a date. Now we have something to say when everyone and their mom asks us when the big day is. But alas, we are naive, and we thought that would get us off the hook.

Negative. Turns out if you can get past setting the date, the next question everyone asks is, “Have you picked a venue?”

Venue. Venue? VENUE??!?!?


Okay. Let’s start with what we DO know:

  1. We want to get married — half the battle right there, amirite?
  2. Our dream location is far away from people who would show up for the “open bar”.
  3. We want to get married on the first of the year for a plethora of reasons only significant to us and because we want to be difficult..
  4. The first of the year is dead cold in Chicago and we ain’t havin’ no winter wedding ‘cause this bride wants to feel her toes walking down the aisle.
  5. Our big goal is to have the wedding paid for in cash. We don’t want to wake up after the wedding with a big credit card bill.

Great! Caribbean Wedding on a budget it is. If only there was a magical hassle-free package we could “Add to Cart” that would cost less $10K while wining and dining a 100 people.

I actually had my first call with a Wedding Coordinator who specializes in booking Caribbean Destination Weddings. She flat out told me it’s going to be a pain the ass to find a resort willing to have an event on New Year’s Day. But, lucky for us, it wouldn’t be impossible either.

As someone who has spent years working in the hospitality industry myself, I can tell you for a fact that hotels and resorts work on January 1st and often for time and half wages. Not sure why a venue would not want to book a wedding if they’re open and working ANYWAY, but hey — that’s just me and my common sense over here.

Regardless — we’re 2 years out, and since our date is not flexible, we have to lock down a venue as soon as possible.

Any Distillers have ideas or suggestions for venues? Let us know about your Destination Wedding experiences and if you have any helpful tips to share!

Happy Holidays to All!

– Future Mrs. Distilled Dollar

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