Q4 was obviously our best quarter for Distilled Dollar, because of YOU!

Seriously, Thank you!

This post will detail my blog income report Q4 2016, and I’ll also outline my 2017 Blog Goals.

Again, THANK YOU for contributing to an amazing year. The success of Distilled Dollar is leaps and bounds beyond what I thought possible a year ago. I still recall wishing that by December I would have a few hundred visitors each MONTH. I hit that goal within the first few months and now I see a few hundred visitors DAILY.

Okay, onto the actual income report:

Blog Income Report Q4 2016


(I’m current in Hawaii and away from my other computer with the picture of the $ figures. In short I made $550 in revenue and spent close to $1,000 in expenses.)

I should really be calling these Blog Loss Reports 😉

On the revenue side, I turned down another ~$1,000+ on sponsored content requests.

I’m happy to check out your product, but I rarely find something that fits. Long time readers know I advocate for free financial apps.

My biggest source of revenue came from SoFi this quarter. I negotiated my referral fee away so you end up with $300 when you refinance using SoFi. I still receive a smaller referral now, so as you can tell, I do receive some benefits.

For expenses, I’m happy to say we booked our FinCon 2017 tickets! We’re super excited about attending this incredible personal finance bloggers conference in October, and wish we could have made it this year.

Other expenses primarily focus on consulting. I’m all for DIY activities, but sometimes, it is more cost effective to just get someone on the phone and work through the issues. In this case, I’ve benefited many, many times over from the advice I’ve received. Blogging tends to take time to generate serious revenue, so I’m not concerned about there being a net loss this quarter.

Blog Income Report Q4 2016 and 2017 Goals 2

(^^^Helps to know what I was able to ramp up to in 2016^^^)

2017 Blog Goals:

1) Consistently post 3x each week

2) Do a book review at least once a month (Reading is one of my frugal hobbies)

3) Optimize my navigational bar and recommendations by building out pages (How to Start a Blog, Podcast, PC Review) by end of Q1

4) 250,000 visitors to Distilled Dollar by end of Q4 (10x of my 2016 stat of 25k visitors)

5) 100,000 podcast downloads by end of Q2 (listen here or on iTunes)

6) Create an awesome money course and launch it by end of Q2 (I’m jazzed up to be partnering up with my podcast co-host, Grant from Millennial Money.)

7) Improve on my writing skills by reading 3 books by end of Q1

8) Emails 100% optimized in Q3 (After the course is completed, I want to spend some time developing the look and feel.)

9) Explore ad options and see if it even makes sense for my site.

10) Enjoying FinCon in October (seriously. Can’t. WAIT! :))

11) Figure out Pinterest by end of January (Apparently, Pinterest is super cool, so I gotta get on that.)

12) Figure out SEO by spending at least a day a month learning more about it and updating my site to reflect what I learned (Similar to Pinterest, SEO is something I should be paying attention to!)

Is there anything you want to see more or less of on Distilled Dollar in 2017? What are your side hustle (or primary hustle) goals for this year?


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