Minimalism is an incredible movement growing across the globe. At its core, minimalism is about removing the clutter and simplifying our lives. We are constantly on the go so it can be difficult to pause and ask ourselves, “Will this purchase add value to my life?”.

One of the most popular episodes we’ve done on our 5 minute podcast series was on this same topic of Minimalism. Check out the video below to listen to our take:

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While working on this episode, one of the great takeaways I had was from Grant, my co-host. Somewhat contrary to its nature, minimalism becomes an ADDITIONAL layer to how we can spend money.

Instead of asking ourselves what the financial benefits are of investing our money instead of spending it, we can ask ourselves a different question: “Does this purchase add value in my life?”

“Will it make us happier?”

If you’re curious to know more about this, then I highly encourage you to check out the documentary Minimalism. Dubbed, “A Documentary About The Important Things”,  it is available now on Netflix.

At an hour and 19 minutes, this documentary does a great job of introducing at least a dozen completely different viewpoints. We hear from people who left their high paying Wall Street jobs to travel the world. We also hear from people all over  the country downsizing their homes.

The core elements and results from the stories are the same. Each individual has been positively impacted and made happier because of Minimalism.

My big takeaway is everyone implements Minimalism in their own unique way.

I think that’s how you know a movement is really going to continue to grow. I’m happy to see what it turns into!

Have you, like us, been taking a Minimalism approach in life and not even know it? Did hearing about Minimalism spark changes in your life?


P.S. My post last week detailing the 17 strategies we used to save $50k last year was featured on a few notable sites! Those features happen because people like you see the message and spread it to other people. So, thank you!! It is a remarkable feeling to have accomplished what we did in 2016, but it is a greater feeling to share what works and what doesn’t work. Hopefully you’re already implementing a few ideas for your money goals and I look forward to sharing more tips and tricks throughout 2017! 🙂

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