As time passes, our relationship with money has a tendency to change. Back when I was a kid, I thought I could solve all my money troubles by buying a checkbook. As I grew up, I learned checkbooks are not linked to an infinite source of money and my journey to conquer money started all over again. So, here we are today and I want to share with you our largest struggle with money.

Our Largest Struggle with Money

Consistency. Persistence. Perseverance. Yes, those are three words describing the exact same thing BUT they also describe the struggle we are facing. No joke.

Our ability to save appears to directly correlate with our effort. Sure, we have some killer habits in place but sometimes even habits are knocked out of whack.

For a good while back in Q4 2016, I was grocery shopping and cooking a week’s worth of meals every single Sunday. The whole spectacle took 8 hours since 2 hours were spent picking up food.

Now, with our recent frugal Hawaii trip — plus family visits — our routine has been knocked way off.

I was stringing together not only weeks, but months of excellent behavior!

So, that’s down the drain. Where do we go from here?

My solution has been to focus on smaller time increments.

Rather than trying to ace my first full month (February) in Chicago this year, I’m focusing on stringing together as many successful individual days as possible.

If I fall off the wagon, then I try to hop back on immediately. This translates to me having a poor Friday at work where I spend too much on happy hour (my experience this past Friday). The bar tab happened, no denying that. Next order of business is to wake up early on a Saturday, shrug off the hangover, and get right back at it.

Yesterday’s problems shouldn’t impact today’s results.

And that’s all any of us can do: produce results. As we string together successful days, the smart habits of yesteryear become reinforced and our money journey shifts back into auto pilot.

Another way to look at this is summed up in one of my core beliefs:

If we spend 2,000 hours a year earning money, then it is smart to spend a few hours figuring out how to save, invest, and grow that money.

It just so happens that the results we produce in the DD household make us happier, healthier, and more optimistic of our future. I’m not sure if I can actually become MORE optimistic but I know my fiancée is slowly becoming happier at the prospect of reaching financial independence within the next 7 years.

What has been your largest struggle with money over the past year or so?


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