Another successful quarter in the books for Distilled Dollar. I’ll detail below the revenue, expenses, along with the key drivers of the various numbers that go along with an online blog. Here’s my Blog Income Report Q2 2017:

Revenue – $1,205.23
Ads (Adsense & MyFinance) – $702.51
SoFi – $200
Coaching – $200
LendEDU – $75
Amazon – $27.72

I placed Amazon last but it is the first I look to because it feels good to see others buy the books that change your life!

I’m a believer in the side hustle. Creating additional revenue to further increase contributions towards our investments is amazing, BUT I also believe that the initial earnings from any side business should be reinvested back into making the business grow.

Expenses – $1,039 (this will make more sense as I detail the quarter below!)

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Blog Income Report Q2 2017 IIIII

Needless to say 2017 has been an incredible year so far. While revenue is slowly increasing (detailed below), I’m in no rush.

As with previous quarters, I’ve refused a lot of offers and likely turned down around $1,000. If you’re looking for quick money in the blogging world, you can definitely jump on all types of crazy offers, BUT don’t expect your readers to stay long after they’ve been bombarded by ad after ad.

Here on Distilled Dollar, I leave all my recommendations on one page and each of the services are free for you, but at least out of the way too. Many apps do not even offer a referral fee but I recommend them anyway, such as where I track my spend or check my credit score.

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Another bit of exciting news is the new Distilled Dollar Instagram! My fiancee, aka Mrs. Distilled Dollar, has been posting money savings tips and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the blog and our 90 Day Frugality Challenge.

Thank you again for supporting Distilled Dollar — I’m so excited to be writing more content as we get closer to our goal of reaching Financial Independence by our 30’s.

Much of the work in the past 6 months has gone into the 2 items listed below, primarily the latter one. Exhibit A below demonstrates how the final surge of work through me off for a bit, BUT the good news is things will be back to normal now:

Blog Income Report Q2 2017 IIYep! I wasn’t kidding about being thrown off! 🙂

Podcast hits 425,000 downloads!

Not bad considering the original goal was to reach 100,000 by this stage.

My podcast co-host Grant and I are amped to share the next set of podcasts being released later this summer. We have a few cool announcements in the works so be sure to subscribe or check back here for the latest updates on the podcast.

The 3 most popular 5-minute-episodes from the quarter covered How We Invest, Money Scams, and The 1% Mindset.

Course Deadline Met!

By far the biggest goal of 2017 was launching our course. If you haven’t seen already, the course is live! We are receiving a lot of great feedback, and I’ll be diving into this a bit more soon. For now, you can find more by clicking here. I’ll touch on the topics later this week regarding who should or shouldn’t take the course along with the whole purpose behind creating it as well.

Overall, creating a course was a real ambitious goal to set and I’m beyond happy that we met our deadline. Funny enough our original deadline set in January was to launch by April. A few delays later we released June 29, with 2 days to spare, BUT we still crossed the finish line – albeit, exhausted and a little delirious.

Blog Income Report Q2 2017 IIII


Overall, there are so many exciting opportunities on the horizon and, as always, I keep reminding myself that it is a privilege to write for Distilled Dollar each week.

This site has grown a crazy amount over the last ~15 months, so again, thanks for your support and for following along on our journey.

Blog Income Report Q2 2017 IIIHow was your Q2? Any big plans for Q3?


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