When I discovered early retirement, it was because of a chain of events that led me to an old document written waaaay back in 1758.

Totally random and crazy, I know – but I’ll never forget because reading that old text fundamentally changed my approach to money. What I did to go from discovery to implementing and creating financial freedom, well, lucky for you, the guide is also below – it will take 9 minutes to get through.

Read on to see how Pursuing Financial Independence became our life’s goal AND more importantly, watch the video below to see HOW opportunity can be transformed into real results.

In case you missed it, there is now a NEW Youtube channel and here is the BEST video we shot during the past 4 months… oh wait, the HOW part of everything is going to be listed below! 🙂

“Practically Blew My Mind”

I discovered early retirement existed by reading a document written way back in 1758.

As the subtitle suggests, it completely and practically blew my mind. That document was called The Way to Wealth, and it was written by a man who retired at the age of 42.

He was so well thought out and he wrote a book detailing his steps on becoming frugal and working hard to reach that amazing achievement .

Pursuing Financial Independence struck a deep chord with me once I saw the equation of hard work + saving/investing = the opportunity for early retirement.

In honor of his awesome job at retiring early, America decided to place him on the $100 bill.

Why and How We are Pursuing Financial Independence + New YouTube Channel I

OH YA! That’s right! I’m talking about THAT early retiree.

Reading and digesting the information on frugality and work ethic, naturally, aligned with a deeper sense to pursue more freedom in my life. This was the WHY that opened up the can of worms towards early retirement and all-things-money.

Practical Steps to Pursuing Financial Independence

Okay, so without any additional intro, here are the practical steps we took to ACTUALLY pursue financial independence:

Glad you enjoyed the video! How intense was that!

As the video and YouTube channel will highlight, the new course has launched!

The course is NOT for someone who is looking to make money overnight or is already successful and well on their way to reaching financial freedom.

The course IS for those looking to clarify their money goals, looking to get “unstuck”, or looking to accelerate their savings and investments.

We built the course to offer a tailored walkthrough for beginners to intermediate when it comes to personal finance. We do touch on advanced topics in the course and are excited about releasing new videos within the course content as it evolves. Members also join an exclusive Facebook group that is already taking up more of my time than I would like to admit, and the conversations have been great!

The reasons above are why we believe it is the highest ROI money course available on the market.

For anyone who wants FREE access and FREE content from the course, then subscribe to the YouTube channel via the video above. On the channel you’ll see new vids being posted periodically, including our best and most popular videos like the first one I linked to above.

For anyone interested in checking out the course, I’m beyond excited to share your copy of the course will include life-time access. You can learn all about it via this linkhttp://course.millennialmoney.com/

At the very least, let me know which steps you’re taking or not taking on your FI journey! 🙂

Was it long before you connected the possibility with the action steps to reaching financial independence? What steps are you doing differently on your path to pursuing financial independence?


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