It is Sunday night and I was inspired to get this post out finally. I’ve been working on this announcement for over a month, and I’ll be more than happy to finally get it off my plate. One other advantage with a late Sunday post is only those who are equally inspired by a crazy successful entrepreneur such as Elon Musk, will be drawn to this content – aka my kind of people! Enjoy the post below on Elon Musk, Investing and the First Five!

Elon Musk, Investing and the First Five

One small insight can launch an ELEVEN figure business, or in Elon Musk’s case, three separate $10,000,000,000+ businesses. In Tesla’s case, the one insight was partially driven by Elon’s use of the physics First Principles approach to save money on batteries (more on that below). Today’s post will highlight Elon Musk, Investing and a new personal offering from me called The First Five.

I don’t intend this post to turn into a book review, but I am reading through the Ashley Vance book on Elon Musk and this post will naturally include some of the takeaways I’ve picked up from the book so far.

Elon Musk, Focus and Launching a Business

Elon Musk has described starting a company as akin to “staring into the face of death,” and, “being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss.”

Part of me is totally on board because you can’t avoid reality – hard work is hard work –  but for some people, they end up finding the courage to take that plunge anyway.

Elon is a perfect model in terms of being focused when on the job, although for many people, that type of Elon-level-focus is a multitude or at least a few factors above what they want to get to.

Personally, I’d be happy with just one eleven figure business, but I’m not one to beg. 😉

Investing Our Time and Money For Better Results

If I looked at my focus when it came to creating content on Distilled Dollar, it would be two sides of a coin: Investing and Frugality.

I don’t refer to each of those terms literally, as in, ‘investing is only about long term stocks’, but, I mean the terms more generally as in, “am I being frugal with my time and investing it towards what I want?”

And, in terms of where are we investing our time and energy? …is it better to study day trading strategies to optimize a potential financial return on a portfolio, or, is it a more efficient use of my time to go with index funds and rely on low cost fees as a strategy?

Hint, it is totally the latter since the free time opens up higher ROI opportunities – UNLESS you have an enormous portfolio, at which point the seesaw begins to tip and becoming the money manager may make more sense economically.

These sort of investing and frugality decisions is what pulled me out of living paycheck to paycheck. Like many, I also slipped back into living paycheck to paycheck for a short bit, and not happy to admit it, but I was able to get back up and piece it back together. The end result of constantly fine tuning what works and doesn’t work was learning how to invest and be frugal in a way to optimize the time my fiancee and I spend together, our net worth, and ultimately, the cool experience we share together – like travel or just lazy (and frugal) picnics in the nearby park.

Similar with investing, our approach to frugality was further fueled when learning how Elon approach to identifying business opportunities – aka ways to do things at a lower cost.

I wrote a piece before how this approach is actually a Physics approach called First Principles – where the goal is to break everything down to the individual components that we know to be true. I wrote more on this approach and how it helps me save more which you can read about by clicking here.

These last two paragraphs are examples of how Elon has inspired me to carve out more time to do more awesome things – easier said than done!

He seems to always be working on his passions and living a lifestyle he wanted. The additional layer that makes him remarkable is that his passions manage to help turn three seemingly unrelated, long-shot organizations into successful ventures.

What makes his schedule even crazier is the amount of flights he takes. According to the book on Musk, the average American flies 4 times per year, whereas, “Musk flew 185 times in 2013 alone.”

That’s crazy!!

I was especially taken a back when learning that despite running two incredibly busy operations at Tesla and SpaceX, Elon is somehow carving out 5% of his packed schedule towards new side projects he is truly passionate about – such as NeuralLink, which focuses on AI development.

Elon Musk’s 5% and Announcing The First Five

I was so inspired after hearing about Elon’s 5% going towards his latest company, Neural Link, that I promised to up my own game in terms of what I offer to you. I’m aiming to build my own 5% devoted towards something that I know will one day be a bigger part of my life – giving back to the online community in a one-on-one fashion.

When I started blogging, I was on the phone with plenty of friends, family, and even some professionals who would charge $100+ for a call. Every call was worth every minute, even some with the annoying family members who had plenty of advice on “building a website” but no knowledge to help me actually do it.

After hearing about Elon’s 5%, I’m now devoting 5% of my time, chiefly my weekend time, to building out online brands or products with you. So, if you have a brand or product you’re working on, or IF you want to just optimize your lifestyle with an online business (or a better financial plan too), then check it out by clicking here.

So, with that bit out of the way about my final 5% of my time, what are you doing with your final 5% of your time? Are you like Elon, and pursuing opportunities on the side, even with the last 5% of your time and energy?



P.S. Thanks for reading this quick Sunday evening post about entrepreneurism, launching a business, and me announcing The First Five.

One advantage I have with this post going live at an unpopular time is, it will quickly be overshadowed by my blog income report and net worth update posts I’m working on this week. We hit a new record on each front, so if you read to this point and are excited about the offer in the final few paragraphs above, chances are it will only be up until Tuesday morning at the latest.

Plus, I wouldn’t mind closing the offer because creating this has been way more work than expected, but I committed to launching this thing and I set a goal of getting it out there – so here it is.

At my non-Elon like pace, I managed to take the entire month of September to finally let you know about The First Five package offer, but I also tweaked the package a bit and reworked a few things so check it out if you’re interested in working with me, 1-on-1,  in growing (or launching) your online business :

Here’s that link:

Thanks for reading and be sure to save the link now if you’re on the fence – as I’ll be taking down the link as soon as the First Five spots cap out.

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