Discovering ways to save even more money led me to find and untap the Power of Authenticity. I credit this discover to more earnings, more life satisfaction, and overall, having an easier lifestyle.

Over the duration of 20 months, I attempted a plethora of strategies to take this blog to the next level.

All failed.

But, failure brings with it its own rewards, and like Edison toiling away in his lab, trying to create the first lightbulb, I learned there is a great power in learning from our mistakes. The ultimate power I discovered is the Power of Authenticity.

When it comes to saving big, big bucks – I’m talking $100,000+ of savings within one year – there is one hurdle that held me back in 2016, in 2015, in 2014 and every year before.

Yes, it was my low 6-figure salary.

Yes, it was my lack of blogging skills.

Yes, it was a lot of things.

But, not being authentic, sadly, was the largest contributing factor to my failure.

The Power of Authenticity

I highlighted a recent tweet of mine detailing how I failed to double our savings rate each year, over and over again. When I say our, I’m referring to the Distilled Dollar household of me, my fiancee, and our two cats – the cats make us much money unfortunately).

Failing to Double That Savings Rate

Failing to Double That Savings Rate

But wait, Matt, what does saving money have to do with being authentic?

It turns out, authenticity has everything to do with saving money, making money, and overall creating more value in this world.

Once I not only felt authentic, but also lived my live in congruence with that authenticity, was I able to increase my savings to a new level, increase my revenue to a new level, and overall, increase my life satisfaction to a new level.

If you’re not feeling authentic, then that means you’re not being authentic. This might seem like a no-brainer, but another way to phrase it is: you know the difference between right and wrong.

That might sound absurd, and part of the reason is because it is. Now, being on the other side of the fence myself, I hope you see what I mean.

Being authentic allowed me to pursue what I wanted to pursue.

There’s real power in that.

We live in a cut-throat culture where having the slightest competitive edge is often enough to take the lead.

For my upcoming Ironman triathlon race, the difference between 1st and 2nd place in my division last year was 3 seconds…from a ~5 hour race.

It boiled down to 3 seconds.

Even the slightest competitive edge will create the difference between winning and losing.

Between success and failure.

For the longest time, I was terrified to lean into my strengths. I had lived my career as a public accountant, a consultant, and an advisor. Yet, here I was toiling away on Distilled Dollar trying to master blogging, website technologies, and figuring out what the best email service provider was.

Are you seeing the same disconnect that I had?

If not, let me know in the comments below as being authentic with my core self has led to the biggest breakthrough in terms of my personal growth, my net worth, my revenue, and my overall life satisfaction.

I’d be happy to talk on this topic for the next decade as this breakthrough alone has accounted for more in my life than the previous 17 Frugal Strategies that saved us $50,000 or 14 Savings Tips to save half our income or any of the various attempts I had at saving money in the past.

CNBC featured Distilled Dollar in a video and covered how and why I downsized to a small living space, which leads to an immediate return on our cash flows. While the video is nice, it would have done better service to the world, had they spoken on how being authentic to our core selves is what will be a bigger impact on our cash flows and lead to our greatest wins.

So, please do let me know your questions or comments via a comment below, a message on Twitter to my handle, or via an email.

My Next Post

When it comes to writing for this blog, I’ve churned out a little over 200 posts now. Compare this number with the ~7 posts I’ve actually posted in the past few months. Oddly enough, my writing has actually increased over that time period, despite my posting decreasing.

Most of my posts never make it live, and with the growing coaching business, I’m relaying much of my info to my clients via different mediums – aka skype and over the phone.

In an effort to get quality content to you for free, and to better align with what you want as a trusted reader of Distilled Dollar, I’m asking you the following question.

For my next post, what topic would you love for me to cover? (if 2 or more answers are very popular, then I’ll try an churn out more than one post a week for the next few weeks):

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Thanks for taking your time to read this blog and let me know what I could do differently to better serve you in the future – or leave a response to the poll above and I’ll know what post to write up next.


P.S. Thanks to everyone who gave excellent recommendations after last week’s post on what new theme I could adopt that would allow less ads and more of the focus on the content. I’m still digging through some of the designs and many of them look like potential winners. My goal is to revamp the site by year end, as soon as I get around the fact that even though I hate technology, being a blogger requires me to deal with plug-ins and web design.

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