Procrastination is a nasty bug.

Being stuck and waiting to make the next move can cost us dearly.

Sure, sometimes it can save us big bucks to sit and do nothing and avoid being burned, but more often than not, taking action leads to a beneficial result.

Lucky for us, procrastination has been around a long time, at least 2,000 years of documented procrastination.

So, after all this time, have we found ways to move past procrastination?

How to Accelerate your Financial Year

More often than not, deciding to progress and take that step forward yields a small marginal benefits.

The decision to iron my own clothes saved me $100’s, but it also provided an opportunity to learn a new skill, and practicing this skill lead to countless hours where I could pop in my headphones to listen to audiobooks. My typical go-to genre’s at that time was learning from various investment tomes. Luckily, each of the books say the same:

money matters are earned bit by bit.

Compound Interest of Money Mistakes

The title here also stands for how to guarantee we decelerate our financial year.

With each bit earned, comes an extra advantage in this money race. Acting now yields an immediate payoff…  and someone said something about “delaying” gratification?

With minimal and consistent effort towards investing, those small decisions begin to add up in our favor.

If we’re not investing our time and money wisely, then we’re sacrificing our future earning potential.

Sure, it may take decades to see those astronomical gains, but in time, the patience pays off. The extra savings, even if just 1% extra really can add up to being able to retire years earlier. To help avoid money mistakes in our home, we’ve eliminated the procrastination involved with investing our saved dollars.

So how best do we accelerate our results?

Matching Numbers to Mechanics

$1 today may nearly double over the next 7.5 years, and therefore quadruple each 15 year period. With that math, it can be fun to quickly see how each 15 years = 4x the money, and so each 30 years = 16x the money. Doubling again, quickly results in knowing 60 years = 64x.

Same can be said for our habits and routines. If investing is no part of our day, then our day will take no part in investing.

So, as a wise man, or a blundering fool may suggest, compound interest accelerates the money invested (AKA distilled dollars).  A penny saved was a penny earned, but a dollar saved and invested is considered a distilled dollar in my book — a financial seed that can one day be harvested to yield yeast for this hypothetical distillery.

Or at least, $1 invested in 2018 in a broad based index fund may be worth as much as $16 in 2048, thanks to the simple principle of compound interest.

Knowing the long game pays off years from now is how we can further accelerate our effectiveness at investing today.

Our new YouTube channel touches on this very topic in a recent video on How to Start Saving Money in 2018:

I mention NEW YouTube channel as Distilled Dollar is now on YouTube with the pledge to bring you one NEW video on personal finance each and every day.

Be sure to check out the other videos and leave a comment. We’re looking to slowly grow the channel over the year as we fine tune the video topics, the technology, and the format.

Final Thoughts

As with any venture, striking out is often the most difficult part of the journey.

Focus on the keystone habits and see where you can gain leverage for bigger gains this year. Don’t overlook small 1% adjustments can add up to 100’s of thousands in our investment careers.

To begin this time may require leaping into uncharted territories but rest assured, there has never been a better time to explore the frontiers of money. We each have an area we can no doubt improve, from our savings rate, to the income we generate in our careers, to the impact our side hustles achieve in our communities.

As 2018’s fresh start begins to fade, don’t forget WHY you made those big commitments in the first place. Think back to your WHY and your motivations and create those small periods of reflection.

For us, it boiled down to investing in our future, spending time and money on our values such as donating to an animal shelter, and ultimately, leaving a beneficial footprint.

What’s pushing you to Act Now on Accelerating Your Financial Year? How Will 2018 be Your Year?


P.S. Let us know what you think of Distilled Dollar’s new YouTube Channel! We have one week’s worth of videos up now and it has been surprising to see ANY views so far. We haven’t even mentioned the page on Distilled Dollar yet and we’re excited to see where the year takes us as we continue to publish a new money video each day.

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