Today’s post is Frugal Living for Dummies and shares the story of how we as a couple stressed out about saving money. Frugality gets a lot of negative looks, but for us it was mostly about saving time and avoiding the negative emotional baggage money can bring up. Enjoy the post!

Back when my wife and I were living paycheck to paycheck, a lot beautiful nights were ruined by money.

We would be out to dinner, having a few drinks, laughing about our busy week, and then BOOM.

The bill would show up.

You could practically feel the air being sucked out of the room.

My wife would zone out and think about her 100K+ in student loans.

I would feel guilty for not knowing how to bridge this gap in our relationship.

The waiter was probably like, “ummm, are you guys okay?” … as we were letting money get the best of us.

Here I was, a money savvy CPA, yet I was stuck and had no idea what to do or even how to bring up the subject of money.

What I did know was that what had worked in the past was no longer going to fly.

I wish I knew then that only 9 months later we would be escaping the paycheck to paycheck nightmare.

Frugal Living for Dummies

Today’s post centers on this topic of Frugality because one of our latest YouTube videos talks about the specific benefits of Frugal living.

You’ll notice I bring up the dining out experience, but this time, it’s a positive reflection because of our frugal lifestyles.

No more emotional jabs to the gut!

So, What Does Frugality Even Mean?

After spending hours on the phone this week with DD readers after Wednesday’s post, I’ve discovered there are MANY concepts of what frugality is and isn’t.

For me, frugality isn’t just about saving money, or pinching pennies, or clipping coupons.

Frugality is about saving time.

We all spend 2,000 hours (give or take) earning money each year, but how much additional time do we spend thinking or even worse, stressing out about money?

How much time is spent arguing about money or thinking about how to communicate our side of the story?

My wife and I still have scar tissue from all those stressful, exciting, but impulsive nights out.

Our $100 dinner bill would cancel out our efforts to save more money.

Frugality allowed us to be thrifty and savvy with our investments, earning additional money via tax savings, and being massive benefactors of one of the largest bull markets in history.

I love this concept of Frugal Living for Dummies because that’s what it was for us.

We were being dumb.

So, for anyone out there still struggling to save and implement a long-term sustainable plan to building wealth, I hope you see the benefits frugality has to offer. Saving money is great, but saving time and preventing emotional scars is even better.

How do you practice frugal living?


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