A couple weeks ago, I put out a call for your help in putting the final touches in place before I release my new workshop — and the response has been overwhelming!

Frankly, I never wanted the responsibility of putting together such an intensive wealth workshop. Especially as my wife and I just celebrated our 1-month anniversary of being newlyweds.

But lately I’ve received so many questions asking me more about investing, given all the options available to us – and receiving questions on how to build wealth in a tax efficient manner. Or, questions on how to pursue wealth confidently without fear of what our friends or family may think…

…I’ve even received questions asking me how I managed to “trick” and “persuade” my wife into being 100% on board with our money plan.

4 Pillars of Building Wealth

We received so many questions about building wealth, which is understandable because building wealth is such an amazing way to create more freedom in our lives.

Instead of trying to answer each question via email, I decided to put together a short video. The video walks you through how to create more freedom via The 4 Pillars of Building Wealth.

You can watch the video at the link below (no opt-in required):

CLICK HERE for the building wealth video

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P.S. I’ve been publishing on building wealth for a couple of years now and there’s no better way to create more freedom in your life … CLICK HERE for the video on building wealth.

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