How goes the side-hustle? Are you overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out? Or still waiting for a “lucky” break…that never comes?

I know the feeling exactly. Because I’ve been there. It took me 5 years, countless failures and 10s of thousands of dollars of education to go from hesitant newbie to accomplished blogger and entreprenuer.

And now it’s time to give back for 2019.

Here’s my offer: Tell me what you want to hear about using the 1-minute survey and I’ll help you achieve the financial and career freedom you’ve been reaching so hard for. I’ll help you take that giant leap from fumbling side-hustler to confident, accomplished entrepreneur:

  • Solidify a savings rate to give you a confident springboard for your next steps
  • Build your OWN tribe of fans who depend on you (and pay you well!) for your expertise
  • Choose work that gives you purpose while helping others
  • Transform recurring frustration into scalable confidence

And don’t worry — you don’t need to be tech or marketing savvy, or a content guru. My framework is designed to quickly move you past the typical pitfalls and distractions of starting an online business.

It’s just 1 hour a week, featuring world-class experts, live case studies, and digging into the nuts and bolts of 5-figure, 6-figure, and even 7-figure launches.

So 10 hours over 10 weeks. Or about 1.5 seasons of Stranger Things. Your choice.

I’ll be sharing it all over the podcast – in my mini dosages! 🙂

I think innately we’re all entrepreneurs. We all have this natural tendency to look around us and see other people and just try to help people and solve problems.” – Matt Zubricki

Communicating on email, social media, engaging on a comment on your blog posts, those are great. But there’s something about a genuine connection that you can make with a phone call. When somebody has a problem and you get a phone call, it almost feels like, oh yeah, they really do care.” – Kevin Galang

Enjoy, Responsibly!

Distilled Dollar

P.S. Got questions for where my blog and my tribe are heading in 2019? Check out my new About page reflecting the changes from 2017, 2018 and now as the site scales in 2019.

P.P.S. Jump into the 1-minute survey to tell us what you want to hear next week!

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