For 2018, I learned a lot, and we all learn a lot each year as we grow, so today’s post recaps one of the largest lessons I’ve been hesitant to share about from that year (if you’ve seen the recent posts then you know what I’m talking about). So, I learned a brighter future often comes down to doing just one thing differently in your business. Plus, I share my latest podcast here, including ways others full-time entrepreneurs are engaging with their audience and leaving a lasting impact.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way & Now A Clear Path to a Brighter Future

Unluckily, I now see it that way because of the turmoil of the business year for me for 2018… filled with failures and successes as I spent all my time on clients, but not enough with my family. (LINK to one of the newer blog posts – maybe the 2nd one?)

It is easy to talk about success with blog reports but talking about failure, rarely gets any attention.

So what was I investing into?

My investment wasn’t just money. I was investing my time AND energy too!

I was investing MY LIFE!

And all of it INTO my business, into my clients, and into my programs…all at the expense of time with family, friends, and simply self-care.

The new mission here with Distilled Dollar is never let anyone build a successful business they hate! 😉

And if you’re wondering if I’m thinking, was it worth it? Absolutely! All that work and it pays off when I hear, this “was the perfect investment for entrepreneurs” – Mary M. Los Angelos

A lesson learned myself from Victor Frankl, is that despite terrible events, we often have the ability to change the future as we recall those events. In his vision, these experiences could prevent future tragedies.

Today’s Fresh Perspective

So what’s more important?

Money is not as important as Time and Energy


So today’s new podcast episode talks more about The One Thing and how our time shapes our futures.

Of course, we all know that, but how much of your time is being spent on your One Thing?

An hour a day?

An hour a week?

You’re gonna get to it tomorrow?

What’s preventing you from spending more?

What are you tolerating in your life that’s allowing your to “postpone” that passion project?

It took me a full 2 years of THINKING about starting Distilled Dollar before taking the plunge and launching the blog, so I can completely relate.


Topics Covered

1:53 One thing you need to do to connect with your audience and what to avoid when you are just starting.

4:03 Looking for successful people to emulate? Check out Kevin’s choices and what he learned in the process.

6:13 What do you think are the advantages of marketing in social media and the importance of building a community?

8:17 Do you have trouble getting things done? Matt shares his thought process on how to do your one thing today and mentions how Distilled Dollar podcast can help in building the business you love.

12:25 If creating a process for your business is a challenge then you need to hear how Matt structure his week by focusing on two things.

15:12 Stuck with your goals? You can learn from this Tony Robin technique called OPA. Plus an example from Kevin’s personal experience with structure and process

18:49 Kevin and Matt shares how your pain points can give you the opportunity to connect with your audience. Plus you will hear their stories of success and failures

*Key Takeaways

Your personal development is the story, that is what people really want to see. They don’t want another, Tony Robbins or a Tim Ferriss, they want Kevin Galang owning that struggle, owning that I’m trying to get better.
— Kevin Galang

I love being an entrepreneur. I love being free, really. But I think for me, structure brings a lot of clarity and helps with creativity.”
— Matt Zubricki

Enjoy, responsibly!

Distilled Dollar

P.S. A lot of you have been sending me private messages and THANK YOU for the lovely words, but let’s open up the community! Share your updates below! What investments of your time and energy are you making and what you are you making them into? What results are you already seeing with your communitities, tribes, and audiences?

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