I hope you all had a better Easter than me this April!

Family was amazing and the food was out of this world, as usual 🙂  However, my experience was ridiculous…

…as something else was on my mind.

…and it’s still on my mind nearly ten days later…

And if you’re like Tony Stark this weekend (no spoilers)…then you have only the #Endgame in mind

Welcome to Distilled Dollar’s Endgame

I’ve been itching to share this news for some time and I’ll admit — it is a very selfish desire.

I consider it my “poor Easter blessing” that it just so happened to crystallize during a holiday.

I have to finally pull the plug 100%.

Distilled Dollar’s Poor Easter Blessings

Yep, that’s right!

I’ll be closing up shop here at Distilled Dollar.

No more frugality laced wisdom from ol’ Ben Franklin himself, or discussions on the 4 phases of Financial Independence, or tips on how I saved 50K in one year and 100K the following year.

Say goodbye as I’ll be setting off, aiming to relax in a hammock and sip mai tai’s under the Hawaiian sun! 🙂

JK on the last sentence!

And actually JK on how I won’t be sharing my BEST savings tips because that’s what my Farewell Gift is all about (more on that below).

Final Farewell

…and the End of Distilled Dollar

I promise not to cry, but I’ve committed to large promises in the past on DD and fell short – so no guarantees I’ll hold my promise here.

This blog had been near and dear to my heart since I started a little over 3 years ago.

Over that time, I’ve developed incredible relationships — some of them bound to be lifelong connections — with a variety of people with refreshing backgrounds:  frugal friends, eager entrepreneurs looking to break 7-figures this year (and succeeded last year!), and now even business partners.

2016 – the early days
  • Nothing makes it easier, than growing within a community of like-minded peers!
2017 – Moving on up to color!!
2019 – Cool to see where it has led us! 🙂

You guys mean the world to me.

So, I can promise you I’m still the same Matt from all these years and will continue being the same Matt as I find a way to make a difference on this little blue dot.

I am starting to view this scary change as a new adventure with inevitable ups and downs, but with the intention to transform me into a better entrepreneur who’s more aware of what works and doesn’t in the online membership world.

To be brutally honest…

…I’m actually REALLY excited about the next steps with my online journey.

Thrilled yet calm in knowing this is the perfect next step for me and my family, the audience I serve (YOU), and my business.

I’ll be transitioning into some new and exciting roles within some close partnerships I’ve been building over the years…and I’m more than excited to be sharing that information and updates with you this upcoming week so be sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss a beat!

Longtime readers will be aware of two and some may be surprised by an upcoming 3rd item later this Fall.

…but first:

My Farewell Gift

Umm…did you think I forgot my previous post’s promise for a FREE PDF?

Before DD wraps up officially, I want to honor my promise to hand out my “Ultimate Saving Hacks PDF” aka, my 17 Tips on Saving 50K PDF. Some of you have the current 1.0 version, but I’ve been updating the 2.0 for release based on tons of excellent feedback, questions, and comments.

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I keep finding myself tweaking the document, trying to perfect every tiny detail. It can feel scary to spend so much time on something and then share it with the world.

For subscribers, you’ll see the release of the PDF shortly along with an announcement pop up! 🙂

My best tips, all Free, of course.

What’ve you got to lose?

Marina, Distilled Dollar and A Sad Farewell!

As a quick and vital announcement, my beautiful wife Marina will no longer be contributing to Distilled Dollar. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it isn’t for everyone.

We learned that fast during our last year when we both took the leap to become full-time entrepreneurs. Within a few months, I knew Marina would be back at work but props to her as she stuck with it for a few extra months before committing back to her 9-5. I couldn’t be happier for her because she enjoys her job, and it turns out, I’m an ineffective CEO when it comes to bossing around my wife and she would only pretend to play along! 😛

She enjoys structure to her day, and sadly, that’s what she provided here at Distilled Dollar.

The structure, the systems, the foundation.

She in every way will always be the foundation of Distilled Dollar.

Her work staying up late, editing articles in 2016 until 2 in the morning, adding funny gifs and images until 3 in the morning — those micro-decisions over the years added up with each moment my incredible partner added love and care into each post.

Marina is the one who first coined “Distilled Dollar”! 🙂

And now, I’m most thrilled that my selfish move to close down Distilled Dollar will free up more of my time to spend with my wife. No more Sunday client calls. No more all caps emails at 2:15 in the morning begging for tech help. No more nagging clients demanding every aspect of their deliverables be perfect. It can be tough!

Last year was TOUGH and oddly enough, I was hitting my business goals. BUT, I wasn’t hitting my LIFE goals – and the worst kind of success you can have is success without fulfillment.

That’s WHY I love the direction I’m going now. Heighten the positive impact on your audience and you’ll see your fulfillment skyrocket. The new approach is also sustainable and scalable, compared to 1-on-1 client work that is limited as your time is only impacting one person at a time.

The phrase I like to use is #LoveOnYourPeople not #LoveOnYourPerson … kinda sounds gross lol

Strategy is really the word – and I owe a lot of it to one of the smartest guys I’ve had the joy to work with. Unfortunately, he’s not as smart as my wife.

So back to nice things about her…

She stuck with my blog back when I had 3-4 hits a day, and those would typically be me, my mom, Marina, and my logo designer (if I was lucky).

She was there when I freaked out about hitting 50k total pageviews.

She freaked out and screamed with me when I hit 50k pageviews in one single day.

She celebrated with me when our Podcast hit 1,000 downloads each week for our first 4 weeks. With nearly 5,000 downloads our first month, we were hopeful and bright-eyed toward the future.

We succeeded in having the podcast be downloaded 1,000’s of times a day…actually several days…in fact, over an entire week….and each week continues into the whole month and we couldn’t believe it!

Marina’s Farewell

Marina will be missed as she will be only featured, most likely on my Instagram feed which features more personal pictures as opposed to business or savings/frugality items.

Oh and cats. But of course…

Did I mention Marina insists cats be inserted into my future online career? It starts to narrow my market which might not be a bad thing as it helps eliminate overwhelm from too many options…

Did I mentioned she wants cats on DD related images because my wife LOVES CATS.

She’ll probably be thrilled cats has been mentioned 4 times now and once in all caps!

But I owe all of this blog to Marina’s grace, her patience, her persistence, her willingness to put up with all my crazy ideas (and my terrible writing!), and just overall, her support with helping this crazy guy in such a wild endeavor.

Thank you, Marina!

What’s Next

What started as an idea quickly turned into a much more extensive hobby.

With insights from my Podcast Co-host, and guidance from coaches, mentors, and consultants over the years, I struggled, failed, struggled again, and finally succeeded in turning my Side Hustle into a full-time, sustainable and scalable business.

Now, Distilled Dollar is home to its first flagship product on digital products, specifically in the space of memberships (did anyone say recurring revenue!!) and in the space of Distilled Launches – aka 1-2hr/wk frameworks to get your 1.0, 2.0 or even 3.0 products out.

What I’m most proud about is not that I teach folks about connecting with their audience and their buyers, but that I’m able to distill the entire process, essentially do it for them, and then sit back and watch as they’re surprised with the revenue coming in from what they already knew how to do.

If you have a phone, then you’re all set.

If you have access to a public library, you can mirror my systems and processes.

If you have your own laptop, then geez, you’ll be more than prepared to get everything done.

The “exciting” term is full-time entrepreneur, but I can promise you… There is nothing exciting about digging into a market to discover the unsolved problems, the core pain of prospects and people whose lives are being negatively impacted every day. It can be difficult when you know your post today was needed by someone yesterday.

Back to that podcast, 50,000 downloads in a single month is crazy, right?

Well, before the year could even wrap up we had to hit that magic number…


By the end of it all, we reached over 1,500,000 downloads and voted Podbean’s Top 10 Business Podcasts of 2018.

A dream that started at a lunch table was now earning me $750/hour. And on the next post, I’ll share my experience earning that much, and how that experience and others began to show me there was a different way to grow.


Distilled Dollar

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