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My History

If my name or face seems familiar, you probably remember me from the news! My journey as a CPA turned “Frugality Guru” hit national headlines in 2017 when my wife and I saved $50,000 in just one year by leveraging 17 Money Strategies.

I’ve helped thousands to climb out of the debt trap – and now I’m helping them to become financially independent with smart strategies which don’t need a ton of brainpower to execute.

You Don’t need a high IQ to be financially Independent – Just the right systems!

My Focus

My focus is on helping overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid online entrepreneurs to take back control of their lives. Ultimately, my goal is to teach you how to build sustainable income streams that leave you with less stress and a more engaged audience. This isn’t about optimizing as much as it is minimizing your time investment to maximize your impact.
Find out more about what I do and how I help real people like you to create a real financially independent lifestyle at http://www.distilleddollar.com/launch-club.


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Matt – Distilled Dollar

Full Professional Biography


Matt has been the owner and sole proprietor of Distilled Dollar, for the last 4 years. At Distilled Dollar, Matt works as an online content publisher helping online entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve the impact they desire with their online site.

Since launching Distilled Dollar in March 2016, Matt has successfully built for himself a massive online following of readers, viewers, listeners, subscribers, and clients who utilize the services that he offers through Distilled Dollar to help gain a stronger sense of control over their personal finances or gain a clearer sense of direction in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Matt attributes his extensive network of followers to his focus on connecting with his audience on a deeper level and providing them with distilled solutions to their current problems, no matter what stage of life they are at.

Throughout this successful approach to saving more and making more, Matt has published 225+ posts, 150+ videos, and 275+ podcasts on Distilled Dollar on the topic of personal finance and entrepreneurship between March 2016 and April 2018. In that short, two-year span, Matt grew his business exponentially through free content. And by April of 2018, Matt’s following had grown so large that he was forced to stop creating content regularly and shift his attention to the growing demands of paying clients..

Since those early days back in 2016, Matt has expanded his repertoire and has been helping his clients increase their entrepreneurial impact and freedom by helping them create membership and subscription programs out of their own hobbies, side hustles, blogs, and much more – just like Matt did for himself. For instance, Matt offers assistance in membership development through a group called Side Hustle Club (now 2.0!), where Members receive regular and frequent content published by Matt himself, so that they too can learn the ins and outs of the online subscription business. In addition, Matt frequently cycles through a number of one-time courses that address specific topics and talking points of personal finance that users can sign up for. And soon, Matt will be reopening his Financial Freedom Community, which includes more advanced-level content and much more to help them gain a deeper insight into the world of personal finance. More on this soon…

Matt’s extensive personal experience in coaching and consulting on launches serves as his strongpoint for connect with his clients, because he considers himself no different than just an average, ordinary person looking to save more, make more, and stress less. In addition, his personable, friendly, and warm personality allows his members and clients to feel comfortable when asking him questions regarding their launches.

Each and every day, Matt works to continue to serve his current and past clients and course alum, because he believes that following up is crucial to ensuring success. As a dedicated and committed professional, he maintains the utmost level of integrity in everything he does, so that his clients continue to grow and learn through everything that Matt and Distilled Dollar has to offer.

Personal Life
Matt here! Aside from my work with Distilled Dollar, I can frequently be found spending time with my wife and our two cats. Although I’m highly interested in memberships and launches, I choose to step away from my work with Distilled Dollar when I can, so that I can enjoy the simple things in life, like time with my wife, competing in various triathlons, spending time with friends, relaxing at home, and binging some of my favorite television programs on Netflix.

I believe frugality and saving money can lead to more. With more we often stress more, but I focus on distilling the work and processes down so there is less stress and a simple, step-by-step framework. I suppose being a CPA makes me ultra-organized like that at times, but it also leaves me with more time with my wife, the cats, learning more, doing all that I can to leave an impact, and winding down at the end of a long day. For my clients and members, I’m always working to understand what matters most to them, so that I can continue to shape my future work with Distilled Dollar by what matters most to my clients and members.

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